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Abstract #2956

Experiments and Quantification of Lumped Elements Volume Coil for B1+ Excitation at 7T

Kyoung-Nam Kim1, Suk-Min Hong1, Jae-Yong Han1, Hyo Woon Yoon1, Jun-Young Chung1, Jung-Hwan Kim1, Zang-Hee Cho1

1Neuroscience Research Institute, Gachon University of Medical and Science, Incheon, Korea

In ultrahigh field MRI, B1+ inhomogeneity causes contrast difference and spatially varying image signal in region-of-interest. Recently, several designs of radiofrequency coils have been suggested to compensate this B1+ inhomogeneity. Using parallel transmission system is also meaning for compensating B1+ inhomogeneity. However, most of available 7T system does not have parallel transmission systems. Therefore, the finding of optimal circularly polarized volume coils with lumped element components is meaningful for compensating B1+ homogeneity. In this study, we applied four different types of volume coil (hybrid birdcage, dual Helmholtz, hybrid spiral birdcage, and slotted tube) for image acquisition using double-angle method.