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Abstract #3028

Evaluation of Spatial Distortion in the 7.0T MRI for Clinical Use Using New 3D Mesh Phantom

Young-Don Son1, Hang-Keun Kim1, Sung-Tae Kim1, Nam-Beom Kim1, Young-Bo Kim1, Zang-Hee Cho1

1Gachon University of Medicine and Science, Neuroscience Research Institute, Incheon, Korea

Clinically useful images are obtained from high-field MRI over 7 Tesla, but no study has been reported its spatial accuracy yet. A new 3D mesh phantom was designed and manufactured for the measurement of the spatial distortion in 7Tesla MRI. A CT image and gradient echo T2*-weighted image of 1.5T and 7.0T MRI was taken at two different pixel bandwidths: 200 and 30 Hz/pixel. 7.0T MRI is not distorted almost same as 1.5T at minimal bandwidth although 7.0T MR image became more distorted as pixel bandwidth decreased. Finally, 7.0T MRI can be utilized for the clinical purpose at proper parameters.