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Abstract #3035

Measurement of Occupational Exposure to RF and Gradient Fields in an Open 1T MR System

Myles Capstick1, Sven Kuehn1, Michael Oberle1, Rebecca Quest2, Annie Papadaki2, Marc Rea2, Donald McRobbie2, Niels Kuster

1IT'IS Foundation , Zurich, ZH, Switzerland; 2Radiological Sciences Unit, Imperial College Healthcare Trust, London, UK

Interventional MR procedures in an open 1T MRI scanner have been investigated for occupational exposure of staff to electric and/or magnetic fields and/or magnetic flux density values that exceed action values (AVs) defined in the EU Directives 2004/40/EC and 2008/46/EC. A specific measurement procedure and analysis to systematically measure field strengths during pre-selected procedures with regard to movements of a radiologist has been developed and applied. Measurements have been performed with clinical as well as specific test sequences. The results have been compared with the existing AVs of Directive 2004/40/EC.