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Abstract #3055

Gradient Coil Induced Eddy Current Computation Using the Boundary Elements Method

Shmaryu Shvartsman1, John L. Patrick1, James F. Dampsey1, K. M. Prasad2

1Viewray Incorporated, Oakwood Village, OH, USA; 2Integrated Engineering Software, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The Boundary Element Method Faraday software, developed by Integrated Engineering Software Inc., Winnipeg, Canada, was employed for analysis of 3D eddy currents induced by both transverse and axial MRI gradient coils. We applied this method to a split whole-body gradient coil designed for a MRI guided Radiation Therapy device. The device requires three multi-leaf collimators to be positioned in the gap of the split gradient coils. The presence of the collimators results in eddy current asymmetry that should be characterized and accounted for in image reconstruction to provide imaging adequate for treatment planning.