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Abstract #3065

Double Region Local Bi-Planar Gradient Array Design for Breast Imaging

Sung Man Moon1, Kenneth Craig Goodrich1, J. Rock Hadley1, Dennis L. Parker1

1UCAIR (Utah Center for Advanced Imaging Research), Radiology, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, USA

Local planar Gradients can achieve higher efficiency with higher slew rates compared to conventional cylindrical gradients resulting in higher spatial and temporal resolution, Further, with reduced coil dimensions, which help minimize the extent of associated magnetic field excursions, planar gradient systems may have reduced PNS. However, for certain applications such as breast imaging, the homogeneous volume may be too small to cover the both breasts. We present a local biplanar gradient insert that has two imaging regions along the x-axis to overcome this limitation by applying the multiple-region gradient concept along the x-axis instead of along the z-axis as in the original paper.