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Abstract #3082

Design of a High Power Customized Shim Set Insert for in Vivo Spectroscopy of Deep Brain Structures in Humans at 4T

Parisa Hudson1, L. Martyn Klassen2, William Bradfield Handler1, Blaine Alexander Chronik1

1Department of Physics and Astronomy, The University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada; 2Robarts Research Institute, London, Ontario, Canada

One of the major challenges in very high-field magnetic resonance spectroscopy is the detection and characterization of the hippocampi deep inside the medial temporal lobes. The demands placed on the resistive shim systems by this application are beyond the capability of existing whole-body shim coil systems. We are investigating the development of an extremely high performance, high order, short, insertable shim set specifically designed for the medial temporal lobes of the human brain. A first goal is to determine how much improvement could possibly be achieved using such a shim set