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Abstract #3100

Impedance Method for Calculation of Induced Voltage on Implanted Cardiac Leads Due to MRI Gradient Magnetic Fields

Jonathan Edmonson1, Rungkiet Kamondetdacha2, John Nyenhuis2, Ben Herberg1, Dave Manahan1

1CRDM, Medtronic, Inc., Mounds View, MN, USA; 2School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA

An impedance method has been implemented to simulate the induced electric field within a patient due to the MRI gradient magnetic fields. The electric field is used to calculate the induced voltage along an implantable cardiac lead path for the purpose of evaluating the risk of unintended cardiac stimulation of patients with an implantable pacemaker or defibrillator undergoing an MR scan. The impedance method results are compared to measured results collected within a phantom to validate the method.