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Abstract #3104

Comparative Analyses of MR-Induced Distal Heating in Novel Filtered Cardiac Pacing Leads Using Two Geometric Configurations

Frank G. Shellock1,2, Holly Moschiano2, Robert S. Johnson2, Robert Stevenson2, Scott Brainard3, Sam Ye3, Warren Dabney2

1Shellock R&D Services, Los Angeles, CA, USA; 2Cardiac & Neurology, Greatbatch, Inc., Clarence, NY, USA; 3Cardiac & Neurology, Greatbatch, Inc., Plymouth, MN, USA

MRI related heating may be excessive for lead systems, as in those used for cardiac rhythm management. The heating on a 46-cm control lead and a Band Stop Filter lead were evaluated in a 1.5T MR unit at different positions and geometries in the bore. As the control and Band Stop Filter leads were moved closer to the center of the MR system bore, the heating that occurred at the distal lead tip decreased significantly. The Band Stop Filter lead exhibited a notable temperature decrease in all bore and geometry configurations compared to the control lead.