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Abstract #3109

Current Challenges for Creating a Wireless MR-Compatible Intracranial Pressure Monitor

Sukhoon Oh1, Usmah Kawoos2, Mohammad-Reza Tofighi3, Arye Rosen2, Christopher M. Collins1

1Radiology, The Pennsylvania State University, Hershey, PA, USA; 2School of Biomedical Engineering, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, USA; 3Electrical Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University, Middletown, PA, USA

In this study, newly developed wireless intracranial pressure (ICP) monitoring devices were evaluated under MR imaging conditions at 3.0T. Significant image distortions were observed near the devices due to magnetic susceptibility effects. Temperature changes near the ICP devices, during MR scanning (with 16.65W of RF power), were directly measured using fiber optic thermal sensors. Of three devices, a smaller ICP device with titanium casing showed the lowest temperature change. Future ICP device developments will focus on minimizing image distortions and ensuring proper function and safety with the active device.