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Abstract #3177

A Novel Macrophage Imaging Strategy Using Apoptotic Liposomes Incorporating Phosphatidylserine and AZ-Cholesterol

Andrei Maiseyeu1, Sashwati Roy2, Georgeta Mihai1, Nisharahmed Kherada1, Orlando P. Simonetti1, Chandan K. Sen2, Sampath Parthasarathy2, Sanjay Rajagopalan1

1Davis Heart & Lung Research Institute, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, USA; 2Department of Surgery, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, USA

Phosphatidylserine (PS) residues of cell membranes and oxidized lipids are apoptotic cues to engage macrophage engulfment. In order to express these cues on a liposomal surface to provide a target for macrophage engulfment, we synthesized a novel cholesterol derivative that in combination with PS- and Gd-lipids forms an efficient contrast agent (Az-Chl). In vivo MR performance of Az-Chl was evaluated on WHHL rabbit model using 1.5T Siemens clinical scanner while pharmacokinetics were estimated by mass spectrometry. Az-Chl liposomes to mimic apoptotic particles allow for in-vivo imaging of macrophages in atherosclerosis. Our findings have important implications for identification of unstable plaque