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Abstract #3182

Measurement of the Spinal Stenosis at and in the Presence of a Degenerated Cervical C5-C6 Segment as a Function of Head-Neck Posture

Mahmoud Abdulhusain1

1Kuwait University, Jabria, Kuwait

Spinal degenerative changes at the lower cervical levels especially C5-C6 is an increasingly common condition in which the spinal canal and cord tend to be compressed by budging discs. In people suffering from this condition an essential question is how the daily repetitive postures of the head-neck relate to a C5-C6 spinal stenosis. This research reports the Spinal Canal Area (SCA) changes at C5-C6 across an array of head-neck postures in a 40 year old volunteer diagnosed with diffuse disc bulge resulting in moderate cord compression at C5-C6. It shows the head-neck posture to play a part in this condition.