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Abstract #3194

High Resolution White Matter T1 Mapping in Multiple Sclerosis at 7T

Ali Mohammad Al-Radaideh1, Matthew J. Brookes1, Olivier Mougin1, Emma C. Tallantyre2, Nikos Evangelou2, Su-Yin Lim2, Alain Pitiot3, Cris Constantinescu2, Paul S. Morgan4, Peter G. Morris1, Penny A. Gowland1

1Sir Peter Mansfield Magnetic Resonance Centre, The University Of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK; 2Clinical Neurology, The University Of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK; 3Brain and Body Centre, The University Of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK; 4Medical University Of South Carolina, USA

Previous literature has shown that the T1 distribution of healthy appearing white matter (WM) in the brains of MS patients is shifted relative to that of healthy control subjects. In this study, we measure the distribution of T1 values at 7T. Our results suggest that there is a difference in T1 histograms between WM in MS patients and WM in normal volunteers. Further, the areas of highest T1 appear close to the site of MS lesions. Future study of this effect may result in T1, and spatial distribution of high T1 values, becoming a marker of disease progression in MS.