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Abstract #3233

Radial Diffusivity Template of Corpus Callosum. Correlation with Normal Aging.

Fabrizio Fasano1,2, Mara Cercignani1, Barbara Basile1, Carlo Caltagirone3,4, Marco Bozzali1

1Neuroimaging Laboratory, Fondazione Santa Lucia, Roma, Italy; 2Siemens Medical , Milano, Italy; 3Clinical and Behavioural Neurology Laboratory, Fondazione Santa Lucia, Roma, Italy; 4Department of Neurological Sciences, University of Rome Tor Vergata, Roma, Italy

We computed the radial diffusivity map on the corpus callosum of 35 healthy subjects ranging 20-80 years. A mid-sagittal template of corpus callosum was obtained by co-registeri all mid-sagittal slices in a semi automated non linear fashion. Statistical analysis was performed on the data to asses for correlation between radial diffusivity values and the normal aging process in a voxel based approach.