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Abstract #3236

Tract-Specific White Matter Integrity and Cognitive Ability in Youth and Old Age

Susana Muoz Maniega1, Lars Penke1, Jonathan D. Clayden2, Catherine Murray1, Mark E. Bastin1, Alan J. Gow1, Joanna M. Wardlaw1, Ian J. Deary1

1University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK; 2Institute of Child Health, University College London, London, UK

The aim of this work is to understand how brain white matter integrity contributes to age-related cognitive decline in humans. Tractography was performed in a group of healthy older people who undertook full cognitive testing at age 70. Results from IQ testing at age 11 of the same individual was also available. Tract-averaged FA and MD were calculated and related with these cognitive measures. Uncinate fasciculus showed correlations with IQ at both age 11 and 70 and arcuate fasciculus measures correlated with mental speed at age 70. These findings support recent hypotheses for the neural basis for intelligence.