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Abstract #3247

Morphogenesis of Cerebral Cortex in Healthy Aging and Multiple Sclerosis: Potential Marker of Early White Matter Injury.

Martin Kavec1, Mathieu Vokaer2, Danielle Balriaux1

1Neuroradiology, Erasme Hospital, Brussels, Belgium; 2Neurology, Erasme Hospital, Brussels, Belgium

The present data suggest that along the healthy aging, large areas of associative cortices may lose shape and compactness. These changes take place predominately in the left hemisphere. In the MS subjects on the other hand, the local gyrification index increased with disability in a several areas of associative cortices. These areas were larger and distinct from those suffering from MS related cortical atrophy. Therefore, local gyrification index may possibly probe for processes of an early irreversible axonal damage, and thus bring more insight into pathology of MS.