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Abstract #3251

Contrast Simulation and Measurement in the Optic Nerve at 3T

Lauren Wallis1, LiSze Chow1, Martyn NJ Paley1, Hardeep Singh Mudhar2, Simon Hickman3, Nigel Hoggard1

1Academic Radiology, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK; 2Histopathology, STH NHS Trust, Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK; 3Neurology, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK

It is often assumed by radiologists in MR studies that the optic nerve is surrounded by a 2mm cylinder of CSF. Investigation of anatomy and contrast studies using a range of inversion times suggest the optic nerve has 3 main compartments with shorter T1 than CSF. CSF is only a small faction of the overall nerve bundle. Simulations using a three compartment model agree with in vivo measurements at 3T.