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Abstract #3258

Non-Contrast Enhanced Three-Dimensional MR Digital Subtraction Angiography at a Temporal Resolution of 100 Msec.

Masaaki Hori1,2, Nobuyuki Shiraga2, Yasushi Watanabe3, Shigeki Aoki4, Sachiko Isono5, Masao Yui6, Tsutomu Araki1

1University of Yamanashi, Chuou, Yamanashi, Japan; 2Radiology, Toho University Omori Medical Center, Ota, Tokyo, Japan; 3University of Tokyo, Japan; 4Radiology, School of Medicine, Juntendo University, Japan; 5Toshiba Medical Systems, Japan; 6MRI Development dept, Toshiba Medical Systems, Japan

Purpose of this study is to estimate the value of Time-Spatial Labeling Inversion Pulse (Time-SLIP) magnetic resonance digital subtraction angiography (MRDSA) in evaluation of intracranial arteries at 1.5T for clinical use. As results, time-resolved 3D MRDSA without contrast material were clearly visualized the branches of the cranial arteries (P<0.01), compared with 3D TOF-MRA. Moreover, MRA containing hemodynamic information from only selected internal carotid artery was able to be obtained. Time-SLIP 3D MRDSA provides hemodynamic information of the circle of Willis, and it may play an important role in assessing cranial arteries in clinical use.