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Abstract #3284

Infarct Volume Determined by Acute ADC Correlates Neurological Outcome in Stroke Mice

Chia-Wen Chiang1, Tzy-Haw Wu2, Joong H. Kim2, Sheng-Kwei Song2

1Chemistry, Washington University, St. Louis , MO, USA; 2Radiology, Washington University, St. Louis, MO, USA

Apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) was determined using diffusion tensor imaging on middle cerebral artery occlusion mice. The infarct volume was quantified based on the stroke induced ADC decrease. Both ADC value and ADC-determined infarct volume were evaluated and correlated with the motor function after acute stroke. The results suggested that the ADC determined infarct volume is a better marker of the neurological disability than ADC value of the infarcted cortex.