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Abstract #3319

Similar Microstructure Abnormality of Anterior Cingulate Region in Depressed and Undepressed Parkinson's Disease: Evidence from Diffusion Tensor Imaging

JiangTao Liu1, KunCheng Li2

1Radiology, Xuan Wu Hospital, Beijing, China; 2radiology, Xuanwu hospital, beijing, China

Objectives We aimed to compare the fractional anisotropy (FA) values of depressed Parkinsno's disease(DPD) and non-depressed Parkinson's disease(UDPD) to certain the anterior cingulate cortex(ACC) bundle microstructrue changes. Methods 15 DPD, 14 UDPD and 21 normal controls (NC) were included in the present study.. Results Comparing with NC group, DPD and UDPD both showed reductions in FA values in the ROIs representing the ACC bundles. The DPD group has lower FA value in the ROIs comparing with UDPD group. Conclusions UDPD may have cortical microstructrue changes involved in part of the emotion regulation circuit.