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Abstract #3408

Probabilistic Tractography of Cerebellar-Cerebral Connections in Paediatric Brain Tumor Patients

Donald Mabbott1, Conrad Rockel1, Nadia Scantlebury1, Nicole Law1, Eric Bouffet1

1Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

We used probabilistic tractography to delineate the main white matter pathways from the cerebellum to cerebral cortex for pediatric brain tumor patients treated with cranial radiation and controls. Tracts were produced that clearly replicated the cerebellar-cerebral pathways that have been delineated in prior models. Mean FA within these tracts was decreased in patients relative to controls. The ability to identify differences in the integrity of white matter for specific pathways is an important first step in localizing the regional effects of posterior fossa tumors and CRT and the subsequent impact on cognitive function.