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Abstract #3458

Cross-Sectional Grey Matter Metabolic Correlation in Adolescent with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and a Subgroup of Anorexia Nervosa by 1H-MR Spectroscopy

Ana Isabel Garcia1, Luisa Lzaro2,3, Josefina Castro-Fornieles2,3, Susana Andrs2, Carles Falcn3, Nuria Bargall1

1Image Diagnostic Center, Hospital Clinic, Barcelona, Spain; 2Child and adolescent Psychiatry and Psychology, Hospital Clinic; 3IDIBAPS

1H-MR spectroscopy was performed to assess grey matter metabolic similarities in the prefrontal cortex between adolescent with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and anorexia nervosa patients (AN). Statistical analysis of the absolute metabolite concentration (AMC) did not reveal differences among groups. After the correction of the AMC in the grey matter AN group showed significant lower NAA and NAA/Cr than other groups, and lower Ins/Cr and Glx/Cr than controls but with no significant differences with the OCD patients. Although the OCD group no showed significant differences with controls, this suggest a similarity in Ins/Cr and Glx/Cr ratios among AN and OCD patients.