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Abstract #3489

Detection of 100% Oxygen Induced Changes in Retina Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging: A Human Study

Xu qinggang1, Chen qinghua, Wang zhenchang, Xian junfang

1Radiology, Beijing Tongren Hospital,Capital Medical University, Beijing, China

Initially insufficient supply of oxygen with the following metabolic dysfunction may lead to neovascularization and irreversible retinal damage in the late period. We speculate that both of these effects are consistent with impaired autoregulation. Based on MRI research on animal experiments, our study supports that PO2 in preretinal vitreous water following 100% oxygen inhalation detected by MRI are in accordance with the retinal blood flow distribution, and it is a foundation for further research on retinal oxygenation response to a hyperoxic inhalation challenge in healthy humans as well as in patients with diabetes. In addition, our study also supports that MRI is a valuable, noninvasive tool for investigation of retinal physiology and function in vivo.