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Abstract #3563

Mapping Crossing Fibres of the Human Brain with Spherical Deconvolution: Towards an Atlas for Clinico-Anatomical Correlation Studies

Flavio Dell'Acqua1,2, Joan Coward2, Andy Simmons2, Declan Murphy1, Steve Williams2, Marco Catani1,2

1Natbrainlab, Section of Brain Maturation, Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College London, London, UK; 2Centre for NeuroImaging Sciences, Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College London, London, UK
The development of MRI-derived quantitative measurements of fibre damage could have important applications for prognosis and treatment planning. In this work we have used the information from the Spherical Deconvolution approach to quantify the number of distinct fibre orientations in each voxel. Maps of the Number of Fibres Orientations (NuFO) were created from a central region of the cerebral hemispheres and compared with fractional anisotropy maps. We propose that these maps may be used to create an atlas for clinico-anatomical correlation studies in a number of conditions including, multiple sclerosis, brain tumours, vascular dementia and other stroke-related disorders.

Diffusion: Applications in Normal Healthy Volunteers