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Abstract #3565

Effect of Reference Template Selection in Diffusion Tensor Based Voxel-Wise Analysis

Hsuan-Hui Wang1, Kun-Hsien Chou2, Pei-Chin Chen1, I-Yun Chen3, Ching-Po Lin1,3

1Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Radiological Sciences, National Yang-Ming University, Taipei, Taiwan; 2Institute of Biomedical Engineering, National Yang-Ming University, Taipei, Taiwan; 3Institute of Neuroscience, National Yang-Ming University, Taipei, Taiwan

Diffusion tensor based voxel-wise analysis (DT-VBA) has been increasingly used to investigate subtle inter-group differences in brain white matter integrity on a voxel-wise basis in a standardized space. However, varieties of reference template and procedures of processing exist in the implementation of DT-VBA. In order to realize the effect of different DT-VBA procedures, the purpose of this study is to systematically evaluate the effects and accuracy of varying reference template and image preprocessing procedure of the DT-VBA. The results indicate that using the modality-matched template for normalization could diminish the distortion and improve the accuracy for spatial normalization in DT-VBA.