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Abstract #3633

Perfusion and Flow Measurement in Human Brain by Pseudo Random Amplitude Modulation (PRAM) in 3T MRI

Mohammad Reza Taei-Tehrani1,2, Truman R. Brown1,2

1Radiology Department, Columbia University, New York, USA; 2Biomedical Engineering Department, Columbia University, New York, USA

We present here a new method based on pseudo random inversion of inflowing blood. The proposed Pseudo Random Arterial Modulation (PRAM) method uses water as a tracer to measure absolute blood flow and acquires transit times within one integrated scan. The PRAM method does not require separate control and label acquisitions, but rather mixes them according to the specific pseudo random sequence used. PRAM can measure flow distributions, acquiring the range of transit times in the subject. It was tested on phantoms as well as on human subjects with results in agreement with Poiseuille flow calculations.