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Abstract #3660

Mapping the Cerebral Blood Volume Response to Cocaine with Pharmacological MRI in Mice at 7 T

Adriana Teodora Perles-Barbacaru1, Daniel Procissi1, Andrey Valentinovich Demyanenko1, Russell E. Jacobs1

1Caltech Brain Imaging Center, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA, USA

This study investigated the region specific cerebral blood volume (CBV) changes in response to cocaine administration in spontaneously breathing, isoflurane-anesthetized mice using a steady state T2* weighted MRI technique at 7 T with MION as a blood pool contrast agent. A consistent CBV decrease was observed, which lasted for up to 60 minutes after intraperitoneal cocaine injection. Vasodilatation with intraperitoneal Acetazolamide was used to validate the technique and resulted in a CBV increase of shorter duration. We demonstrated the sensitivity and reproducibility of this technique for mapping the cerebrovascular reactivity to cocaine in mice at 7 T.