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Abstract #3701

Calibrating the BOLD Signal Revisited Calculation of Oxygen Metabolism for Gradient- And Spin-Echo Sequence Up to 16.4T

Kamil Uludag1, Anne-Catherin Zappe1, Jozien Goense1, Nikos K. Logothetis1

1Max-Planck-Institute for biological Cybernetics, Tuebingen, Baden, Germany

A BOLD signal model as a function oxygen extraction fraction and CBV was developed in order to determine change in oxidative metabolism from combined BOLD signal and CBF measurements. The new model is an alternative model to the widely used calibrated BOLD approach initally proposed by Davis and colleagues for GRE at 1.5T. The new model, however, takes also intra-vascular MRI signal into account and is developed for both GRE and SE from 1.5T up to 16.4T. In the current study, at 4.7T and 7T using SE and GRE, oxidative metabolism change during visual stimulation was determined in macaque monkeys.