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Abstract #3751

Polar-Regularized Left Ventricular Strain Analysis from Cine MRI Using Non-Rigid Registration

Wei Feng1, Himanshu Gupta2, Steven G. Lloyd2, Louis J. Dell'Italia2, Thomas S. Denney Jr. 1

1Electrical and Computer Engineering, Auburn University, Auburn University, AL, USA; 2University of Alabama at Birmingham

A method called cine myocardial deformation analysis (CMDA) is proposed for computing 2D left ventricular (LV) myocardium strain from cine MR images. CMDA uses non-rigid registration and incorporates contour regularization and polar regularization of a B-spline deformation model. CMDA was validated over 20 normal human volunteers and 20 patients with myocardial infarction. CMDA circumferential strain showed excellent agreement with strains computed from tagged MR images using HARP and a 3D model-based method. While tagged and DENSE MRI will continue to be gold standards for measuring LV strain, LV strain can be accurately measured from cine MR cardiac images using CMDA.