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Abstract #3789

Measuring Effective Orifice Area in Patients After Aortic Valve Replacement Using Phase-Contrast Cine Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Haruhiko Machida1, Eiko Ueno1, Mikihiko Fujimura1, Kazufumi Suzuki1, Satoru Morita1, Ai Masukawa1, Masami Hirata1, Shinya Kojima1, Shoji Sasaki1, Kiyoharu Nakano1, Yoshiaki Komori2

1Tokyo Women's Medical University Medical Center East, Tokyo, Japan; 2Siemens-Asahi Medical Technologies, Tokyo, Japan

Although effective orifice area is usually measured by transthoracic ultrasonography after aortic valve replacement to assess patient-prosthesis mismatch, its accuracy remains unclear. We measured effective orifice area using a continuity equation on phase-contrast cine MR imaging, to our knowledge, an approach not previously reported; then compared those measurements to reference values. We believe that this MR technique is clinically feasible for relatively easy and accurately measuring effective orifice area in patients after aortic valve replacement.