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Abstract #3792

Dynamic Evaluation of Lower Extremity Varicosities: Preliminary Experience with Isotropic Time-Resolved Direct Magnetic Resonance Venography (TR-MRV) at 3 Tesla.

Derek G. Lohan1, Roya Saleh1, Steven Hsu1, Christopher Loh1, Stephen T. Kee1, Daniel Ennis1, Gerhard Laub1, J. Paul Finn1

1Radiology, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Laser/radiofrequency thermal ablation has generated renewed enthusiasm regarding imaging options for lower extremity varicose veins. Central to their success is the assumption that pre-operative evaluation, using Doppler sonography, provides a reliable anatomic and functional map of this complex, variable vascular system. Such time-consuming cartography (often in excess of 60 minutes) places considerable demands upon both the technician and patient. Failure of identification of even a single incompetent perforating vein may result in recurrent varicosities. We describe an innovative, rapid though morphologically and functionally informative dynamic MR technique capable of challenging sonography as the reference standard for pre-operative varicose vein imaging.