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Abstract #3818

Coronary Artery Distensibility Assessed by 3.0 T Cardiac MRI

Sebastian Kelle1, Allison G. Hays1, Glenn A. Hirsch1, Gary Gerstenblith1, Robert G. Weiss1, Matthias Stuber1

1Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, USA

We used 3T MRI to non-invasively assess human coronary artery vessel wall distensibility and observed significant differences between healthy subjects and CAD patients. With the available data to date, we do not observe a significant correlation between coronary artery distensibility and aortic distensibility either in healthy adults or CAD atients. This new methodology may support the non-invasive characterization of ascular anatomy and function in healthy and diseased states, as well as the response to interventions in patients with, or at increased risk for, CAD.