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Abstract #3820

Noninvasive in Vivo High-Resolution MRI of Vessels Affected by Transplant Rejection in Mice: As Good as Histopathological Analysis?

Andreas Hess1, Julia Gehardt2, Lubos Budinsky, Udo Reulbach3, Stephan M. Ensminger2

1Pharmacological Imaging, I. f. Pharmacology, Erlangen, NA, Germany; 2Cardiac Surgery, University of Erlangen Nuremberg; 3Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, University of Erlangen Nuremberg

Major limitation of the investigation of transplant vasculopathy in mice is, that it’s difficult to monitor the progression and potential response to therapy in vivo. The aim of this study was to proof that the detection of the residual lumina by MR angiography (TOF and/or PCA) imaging in the anesthtized mouse is comparable with those achieved by histopathological analysis.