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Abstract #3833

Hemorrhage in Carotid Plaque Is Not a Predictive Marker of New Cardiovascular Events in Asymptomatic IndividualsFA High-Resolution MRI Study

Jianming Cai1, Qingjun Wang1, Lin Ma1, Youquan Cai1, Qian Zhao1

1Radiology, Chinese PLA General Hospital, Beijing, China

By using high-resolution MRI, we investigated prospectively whether hemorrhage in carotid plaque predicts future new cardiovascular events in asymptomatic individuals. Every subject in the present cohort study was given consecutive pre and post contrast-enhanced MRI examinations every 6-9 months and followed up for new cardiovascular events. Our results indicate that no correlation could be established between intraplaque hemorrhage (IPH) and new cardiovascular events. It suggests that carotid IPH can not help to identify patients at risk for future cardiovascular events.