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Abstract #3891

Blood-Pool Imaging Properties of Non Protein-Binding Extracellular Unspecific Gadolinium-Based Contrast Media

Patrick Asbach1, Moritz Wagner1, Matthias Rief1, Matthias Taupitz1, Bernd Hamm1, Christian Klessen1

1Department of Radiology, Charit University Hospital, Berlin, Germany

The aim of the study was to investigate whether non protein-binding extracellular unspecific Gadolinium-based contrast media have a blood-pool effect that allows equilibrium phase MR angiography. 30 patients received either a protein-binding blood-pool contrast medium or a non protein-binding unspecific extracellular contrast medium. Quantitative signal intensity measurements and qualitative grading of vessel contrast were performed. Imaging was carried out up to 25 minutes after contrast injection. Non protein-binding unspecific extracellular Gadolinium-based contrast media have the potential of blood pool phase imaging within a time window of less than 15 minutes.