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Abstract #3915

Low Dose Gadobenate Dimeglumine in Delayed Enhancement Cardiac MRI

Larry Allen Kramer1, Roy Kumar, Sanjay Narotum, Catalin Loghin2, Eduardo J. Matta1, Anuradha T. Rao1, Khader M. Hasan1

1Radiology, UTHSC-Houston, Houston, TX, USA; 2Cardiology, UTHSC-Houston, Houston, TX, USA

Low dose gadobenate dimeglumine (0.1 and 0.05mg/kg) used in delayed-contrast enhancement cardiac MRI for myocardial viability was evaluated using early and late acquisition times following injection. 0.1 mg/kg showed efficacy in identifying myocardial infarctions after a minimum 10 minute time delay after injection. Initial results with 0.05 mg/kg also suggests potential efficacy in myocardial viability imaging after a minimum time delay of 10 minutes. Elevated Troponin T >1.0ng/mL trended towards improved identification of infarction before 10 minutes.