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Abstract #3947

Internal Gradient Evaluation in Spongy Bone as a Potential NMR Parameter to Detect Osteoporosis Disease

Silvia De Santis1,2, Mauro Rebuzzi2, Giulia Di Pietro1, Bruno Maraviglia3,4, Silvia Capuani2

1Physics Department Sapienza University Rome, Rome, Italy; 2CNR-INFM SOFT, Physics Department Sapienza University Rome, Rome, Italy; 3MARBIlab Enrico Fermi Center, Rome, Italy; 4Santa Lucia Foundation, Rome, Italy

In porous systems such spongy-bone, characterized by strongly magnetic-susceptibility differences between trabecular-bone and bone-marrow, internal gradient Gi can be extracted from the SE decay. Aims of this work were: 1) to evaluate the Gi of the spongy-bone in-vitro, in order to relate this quantity with trabecular-bone properties; 2) to assess, in-vivo, the potential ability of Gi to evaluate the spongy-bone status when applied to human calcanei. Our results indicate Gi as a potential diagnostic marker of osteoporosis. In fact the in-vitro and in-vivo results demonstrate that Gi values depend on both solid trabecular bone characteristics and liquid interstitial bone-marrow quality.