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Abstract #3952

BOLD Response of Different Muscles to Ischemic Exercise

Albrecht I. Schmid1,2, Martin Andreas2, Martin Meyerspeer1, Ewald Moser1, Michael Wolzt2

1MR Center of Excellence, Medical Univeristy of Vienna, Vienna, Austria; 2Dept. of Clin. Pharmacology, Medical Univeristy of Vienna, Vienna, Austria

Limited tissue perfusion and ischemia are frequent complications in various disorders. We investigated echo planar imaging (EPI) bold signal during cuff-ischemia (20 min). Five healthy, male volunteers were studied in a Siemens 3T scanner. During the last 11050s the subjects performed planar flexion which is mainly performed by the gastrocnemius muscle. The reactions of three different muscles, gastrocnemius, soleus and tibialis anterior, were analysed. Soleus muscle had a lower signal during ischemia, gastrocnemius had a longer and flatter response during post-ischemic hyperemia.