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Abstract #3972

Risk Factors of Adhesion After Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation of the Knee

Atsuya Watanabe1,2, Hiroshi Yoshioka1, Shuhei Ogino1, Tim Bryant3, Tom Minas3

1Department of Radiology , Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, MA, USA; 2Department of Radiology, Teikyo University Chiba Medical Center, Ichihara, Chiba, Japan; 3Cartilage Repair Center, Brigham and Women's Hospital

The aim of this study is to investigate risk factors of the development of joint adhesion after autologous chondrocyte implantation (ACI) of the knee. We reviewed 232patient cases with knee ACI operated on from 1995 June to 2006 December, which had undergone second-look arthroscopy after the initial ACI surgery. All patients were examined with magnetic resonance imaging before the second-look arthroscopy. Based on the results of this study, we conclude that the two and more grafts, implantation at patellofemoral joint, and additional lateral release procedure appear to be risk factors of adhesion after ACI of the knee.