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Abstract #3996

Contrast Enhanced Ultrashort Echo Time MRI of the Achilles Enthesis in Normal Volunteers and Psoriatic Arthritis.

Richard Hodgson1, Andrew Grainger2, Laura Coates, Philip O'Connor2, Robert Evans2, Matthew Robson3

1University of Leeds, Leeds, UK; 2Chapel Allerton Hospital; 3University of Oxford

The aim of this study was to compare contrast-enhanced ultrashort echotime MRI and power Doppler ultrasound of the Achilles enthesis in normal volunteers and psoriatic arthritis. Images were obtained from 10 subjects. Ultrasound and UTE gave complementary anatomical information; UTE showed fascicular structure and fibrocartilage whereas ultrasound showed subfascicular structure and bursal extent. Strongly T1 weighted and magnetization transfer images gave good UTE contrast. UTE imaging showed focal tendon enhancement in early psoriatic arthritis which was not visible with conventional MRI. This suggests it may be useful for assessing increased vascularity in addition to structural change in early psoriatic arthritis.