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Abstract #4051

Hepatic Vascular Flow Measurements by Phase Contrast MRI and Doppler Echography: A Comparative and Reproductibility Study

Thierry Yzet1, Roger Bouzerar2, Jean-Dominique Allart1, Fabien Demuynck1, Brice Robert1, Ccile Legallais3, Marc-Etienne Meyer4, Herv Deramond1, Olivier Baldent4

1Radiology, CHU, Amiens, France; 2Medical imaging and biophysics, CHU , Amiens, France; 3Biomedical Engineering, UTC, Compigne, France; 4Medical imaging and biophysics, CHU, Amiens, France

The purpose of this work is to compare Doppler echography with PC-MRI in order to appraise their reproducibility at the hepatic level in a population of 8 healthy subjects. They underwent Doppler echography and MRI flow measurements to explore the portal vein and the proper hepatic artery. 2 MRI and 2 Doppler examinations (1 year separation 2007/2008) were performed on the same subjects. At the hepatic artery level, the measurements deviations are more important than those recorded in the portal vein for both methods. The measurements variability using MRI was lesser with a correlation superior to Doppler data.