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Abstract #4091

Assessment of Hepatic Steatosis, Iron Overload and Combined Disease with 3 Tesla MR Three-Dimensional T1w Two-Point Dixon Imaging: In-Vivo Validation and In-Vitro Calibration of Decomposition Technique

Daniel T. Boll1, Grace M. Redmon2, Stephen I. Zink1, Daniele Marin1, Elmar M. Merkle1

1Radiology, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC, USA; 2College Preparatory School for Girls, Hathaway Brown School, Cleveland, OH, USA

Steatosis hepatis functions as an inducer of hepatic iron metabolism dysregulation. 3 Tesla MR two-point Dixon T1w imaging with subsequent comprehensive four-phase decomposition analysis facilitated not only metabolite decomposition of intrahepatic lipids and iron ions in isolated steatosis hepatis and hepatic iron overload, but also allowed decomposition of metabolites in combined disease in a standardized in-vitro liver phantom with in-vivo patient validation.