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Abstract #4116

Diffusion-Weighted MR Imaging (DWI) in Adrenal Lesions: Clinical Applications

Yi Wang1, Robert J. Mccarthy2, Laura Merrick3, Paul Nikolaidis3, Vahid Yaghmai3, Riad Salem3, Frank H. Miller3

1Radiology , Northwestern University , Chicago , IL, USA; 2Anesthesia, Northwestern University, USA; 3Radiology, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL, USA

Diffusion-weighted MR has recently been used in body imaging for distinguishing benign from malignant lesions; however, imaging findings in the adrenal have not been well described. We reviewed our experience to determine if there was a correlation between ADCs and adrenal lesions. 158 lesions were evaluated by DWI, including 118 adenomas, 9 myelolipomas, 9 cysts, 9 metastases, 4 adrenal cortical carcinomas, 4 hemorrhage, 3 pheochromocytomas, 1 angiolipoma, and 1 neuroblastoma. The mean ADC value of benign lesions was 1.690.59 and malignant was 1.860.92 (p>0.05) with no statistical difference (p>0.05). Diffusion-weighted MR could not characterize benign and malignant lesions due to significant overlap.