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Abstract #4150

Silibinin Feeding Alters the Metabolic Profile in TRAMP Prostatic Tumors: A 1H-NMR Study

Natalie J. Serkova1, Komal Raina2, Andrea L. Merz1, Rajesh Agarwal2

1Anesthesiology, University of Colorado Health Sci, Aurora, CO, USA; 2Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Colorado Health Sci, Aurora, CO, USA

The chemopreventive efficacy of silibinin (flavonolignan from milk thistle seeds) on prostate cancer metabolism was evaluated in TRAMP mouse model. Prostate tissues were obtained after 20-week silibinin diet and analyzed by quantitative 1H-NMRS. Multivariate principle component analysis (PCA) was applied for group separation and biomarker identification. The antitumor effect of silibinin is accompanied by alteration of the metabolic profile of the TRAMP biopsies as indicated by a 6-fold increase in the glucose content, 3-fold increase of citrate and a significant reduction in the lactate levels. A decrease in cholesterol and phosphatidylcholine was observed with silibinin feeding.