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Abstract #4153

Proton Diffusion Weighted and Sodium MRI of Growing Intrahepatic and Subcutaneous Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Andriy Babsky1, Shenghong Ju1, Stacy Bennett1, Bharath Atthe1, Beena George1, Gordon McLennan1, Navin Bansal1

1Radiology, Indiana University, Indianapolis, IN, USA

Effects of untreated tumor growth on 1) water apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC), 2) single-quantum (SQ) 23Na MRI, and 3) triple-quantum-filtered (TQF) 23Na MRI were compared in intrahepatic (IH) and subcutaneous (SC) hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) in rats. The ADC measurement of IH-HCC is very sensitive to physiological motion. The ADC increased progressively with growth in SC HCC but not in IH HCC. SQ and TQF 23Na MRI signals increased with growth in both the tumor models. SQ and TQF 23Na MRI techniques are more reliable compared to water ADC measurements for hepatic tumor studies because of their insensitivity to motion.