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Abstract #4259

Correlation of Gleason Score and Tumor Size with High Resolution 3T Magnetic Resonance Image-Detected Prostate Cancer

Elizabeth Genega Genega1, Nicholas Bloch2, William DeWolf3, R Elliot1, Y Fu1, Martin Sanda3, A Tomaszewski1, Andrew Wagner3, Ivan Pedrosa2, Neil Rofsky4

1Pathology, BIDMC, Boston, MA; 2Radiology, BIDMC, Boston, MA; 3Urology, BIDMC, Boston, MA; 4Radiology, BIDMC, Boston, MA, USA

Prostate cancer (PCa) detection has been rising since the implementation of serum prostate specific antigen screening and greater utilization of ultrasound guided prostate biopsy. However, many of those detected are low grade, low volume tumors that are clinically insignificant. In this work we demonstrate the sensitivity of high resolution 3T endorectal coil MRI in detecting clinically relevant PCa, using whole mount histopathology and tumor by tumor mapping as the reference standard.