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Abstract #4280

Exploiting Spatial Information for Estimating Metabolite Concentration in MRSI

Anca Croitor Sava1, Diana Sima1, Jean Baptiste Poullet1, Sabine Van Huffel1

1Department of Electrical Engineering, Division ESAT-SCD, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Heverlee, Belgium

AQSES-MRSI is a new quantification method for MRSI data, which exploits spatial prior knowledge. During an MRSI acquisition, MR spectra are measured in a grid of voxels. In AQSES-MRSI the assumption is that adjacent voxels should have signals with similar spectral parameters and therefore the signal from each voxel is quantified using information coming from the spectral parameters (frequency shifts, damping corrections, phase shifts, etc) of the surrounding voxels.