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Abstract #4360

Metabolic Spatial Heterogeneities in Brain Tumours Biopsies by NMR Microscopy

Bernardo Celda1,2, MCarmen Martinez-Bisbal2, Beatriz Martinez-Granados1, Vicent Esteve2

1Physical Chemistry, University of Valencia, Burjassot, Valencia, Spain; 2Physical Chemistry-UVEG, CIBER-BBN, Burjassot, Valencia, Spain

HR-MAS metabolic profiles in biopsies have been useful for classifying and subtyping brain tumours. However, HR-MAS can exclusively provide the average metabolic profile of the biopsy studied. SV and MRSI techniques by NMR microscopy have been used for obtaining biochemical average and spatial distribution in very heterogeneous lesions as brain tumours. Particular attention has been focussed in high grade gliomas. Excellent resolution and S/N of the metabolic profiles from SV and MRSI spectra were obtained. A good correlation between histology and detailed spatial metabolic profiles and between HR-MAS and global MRSI NMR microscopy spectra has been found.