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Abstract #4403

Multiparametric Monitoring of Chemical Ablatons Using a Rapid Chemical Shift Imaging Technique

Brian A. Taylor1, Andrew M. Elliott1, John D. Hazle1, Roger Jason Stafford1

1Imaging Physics, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, USA

The potential for monitoring chemical ablations with a high spatiotemporal resolution CSI technique is demonstrated ex vivo. Results demonstrated the ability to dynamically detect the chemical shift of the methyl group in ethanol and separate it from the water component. Additionally, dynamic T1-weighted images and quantitative T2* maps provided additional information which correlated with the agent location as observed on post-injection T1-weighted images. If a reference standard of known concentration is kept in the image, the amplitude of each chemical shift could possibly provide a quantitative means to monitoring the progress of therapy and better relate to outcome.