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Abstract #4512

Experimental Estimation of Local SAR in a Multi-Transmit System

Ulrich Katscher1, Christian Findeklee1, Tobias Voigt2

1Philips Research Europe - Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany; 2Technical University Karlsruhe, Karlruhe, Germany

SAR management is a widely discussed topic at high main fields, particularly in the framework of multi-transmit systems. Typically, local SAR is estimated via patient model simulations, which, however, are too extensive for clinical routine. This study investigates a possible alternative local SAR estimation by post-processing the RF transmit element's sensitivities. To this goal, the recently published approach "Electric Properties Tomography" was adapted for non-quadrature RF excitation, typically applied in multi-transmit systems, e.g., for RF shimming. Local SAR distributions obtained in phantom experiments with an 8-channel transmit system at 3T show a high correlation with corresponding local SAR simulations.