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Abstract #4514

A Novel Three Dimensional Radiofrequency Pulse for Small Voxel Excitation

Natee Ina1, Suwit Saekho1,2

1Radiological Technology, Chiang Mai University, Muang, Chiang Mai, Thailand; 2Biomedical Engineering Center, Chiang Mai University, Muang, Chiang Mai, Thailand

The three dimensional Radio Frequency pulse (3D RF) has benefit to many applications. The major limitation of this pulse is long pulse length. A novel 3D RF pulse design was based on the small tip angle approximation combining the multi-shot and the half-pulse scheme for a small volume excitation. Numerical integration of the Bloch equation demonstrated that the two shot pulses along the x-y direction weighted with two half pulses along z- direction for cylindrical excitation at the diameter and thickness of 12 mm and 10 mm respectively, provides 34% shorter pulse width compared to that of conventional two-shot pulse.